Advertising Funny Papers: 3/22/07

  • ABC is showing off a new ad format that has ad messaging popping out of props from the show and more. The goal is to make the ads appear seamlessly integrated into the show so viewers stick around and don’t tune out or fast-forward. The secondary goal is to annoy viewers so much they turn off the show.
  • Some are afraid that new commercial ratings numbers from Nielsen might change the upfront sessions and force parties to change their business models. DO YOU THINK??!?!
  • Now that the process is automated, advertisers think networks should drop the fees they started charging when an actual person had to drop the commercials into programming. So unreasonable.

His chip must have gone off

Microsoft’s Research Better than Google’s? | Marketing Pilgrim

Is there a way to read this that doesn’t make Scoble seem like he’s trying to earn his way back on to Microsoft’s invite list after his “M’soft sucks” story?

Didn’t think so.

From a comment I got from Robert it appears I got this wrong on a couple different levels. My apologies to him and my .75 readers.


While driving while drunk is a terrible thing to do, that doesn’t detract from this being the BEST. STORY. EVER!

JUPITER, Fla. -– Cardinals manager Tony La Russa was jailed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department early this morning on a charge of suspicion of driving under the influence, according to a police report obtained by the Post-Dispatch.

LaRussa explained he wasn’t actually drunk, he was just in his normal pre-game trance whereby his heartrate slows, he can barely walk and can’t seem to keep his eyes open.

I may have written some of that myself.

“Baball been bery bery good to me” » Blog Archive » One word. No.

The above is The Biro’s response to Steve Rubel predicting Sammy Sosa will have his best year ever.  I then Twittered the following:

Sosa will have his best season ever? He’s off the juice, is like 62 and…well…I could go on but i’m running out of characters.

What the hell is he thinking?