National Lampoon's Adam & Eve trailer

Invoking the holy name of Animal House in this trailer for Adam & Eve, the latest college-campus comedy under the National Lampoon’s banner, is something on the order of sacrelige. There’s nothing that appears to be half as clever as even Van Wilder from a few years ago. Hang your head in shame Lampooners. This is a new low.

Three of Hearts trailer

I wasn’t completely convinced that Three of Hearts was a documentary and not a work of fiction. The people just seem too contrived to be real in this story of a woman who enters a relationship with two men who are also in a relationship together. After watching the trailer I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something is being pulled over on someone but I admit it’s sometimes hard to tell from a trailer.

Transamerica trailer

I have to admit this trailer makes Transamerica look much funnier than I initially thought it was going to be. Last week I took the Weinstein company to task for producing a poster I didn’t think captured the nature of the movie. I take that back and my appreciation for the poster is now increased as I think it fits in perfectly with the trailer. That being said watching the trailer is a bit tough. I love Felicity Huffman (way back to Spanish Prisoner and “Sports Night“) and while it looks like she gives a great performance in this it’s hard to watch someone who’s so beautiful under makeup designed to make her look like a man who’s undergone surgery and treatment to become a woman.