Congratulations to the Jaffe family

Before I try to catch up on all the stuff I ignored over a three-day weekend I want to send out great big congratulations to Joseph Jaffe and his family on the addition of a new baby boy to the brood. Seems everyone was doing well and the child has already called on agencies to stop planning 30-second spots.

Slightly Longer Quick Takes 6/22/07

  • filmstrip4.jpgParamount is planning a big licensed merchandise push for The Smurfs that includes new toys, games and more. They’ll also be looking for cross-promotional deals as they seek to revitalize the brand. There have been rumors – silent lately – of a big-screen animated flick about the little blue characters and this may be the first wave of promotion for whatever that turns out to look like.
  • The General Motors models that are featured in Transformers will make a special appearance at the Detroit International River Days event. The cars are very much, as I read the press release, being treated as “stars” at the event, which is interesting.
  • AdRants passes along some interesting bus-side advertising Fox is doing for Live Free or Die Hard that features an artfully truncated version of the franchise’s famous phrase.
  • Disney is using Ratatouille to move more fully into high-end licensed products. The studio has partnered with a number of high-end food and cooking accessory brands to create branded items in addition to the more common stuff that will appeal to kids and be available at mass-market retailers.

LOTD: 6/22/07

  • Congratulations to digg, which has found yet another way to honk off its user base, this time with the introduction of threaded comments. User complaints have, of course, been dugg, completing today’s meta requirement. (CT)
  • Kevin Dugan is, of course, being completely serious with this list of ten reasons you should join a social network. (CT)
  • Google has been busy creating a whole series of new blogs. First there was their Public Policy blog and now come official journals for Google News and Google Finance. Both of the latter two have as their stated goal a more instant, direct communication of product happenings with users and readers, which of course is the whole blogging point, so good on them. (CT)
  • Todd Anderlik is great at finding fun videos and this one featuring a bunch of agency type folk lip syncing Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta” might be the best ever. For some reason watching this while I had Twitbin, Socialtext, WordPress, Google Reader and Trillian open at the same time made me think about how different my life is than how I thought it would be when I was six. (CT)

No columns the next week or so

I’m opting not to write full MMM column reviews of either Live Free or Die Hard or Ratatouille for publication next week. This is for a variety of reasons such as the fact that I’m taking an extended upcoming weekend and that I’m likely going to be doing some traveling next week. I had planned to write-up both movie’s campaigns but I just don’t think I’m going to get to it. Plus I’m kind of saving my strength for what is likely to be a massive Transformers column that will hit the week after next.


Slightly Longer Quick Takes 6/21/07

  • filmstrip3.jpgDefamer has a pretty funny picture from Captivity’s TV commercials and how it warns on frightening bear-on-Cuthbert violence. That’s the problem with movie productions with women: Bears are attracted to menstrual blood. I know because Brick Tamland told me so.
  • Part of Warner Bros. build-up for the big screen Speed Racer will be a new TV show that will debut on WB-owned Cartoon Network next year. The two project, the film and the show, are part of a larger Speed Racer brand-relaunch Warners has in mind for 2008.
  • While I agree in part with Jeremy Knox’s diatribe against the independent theater experience I still think that the less of these there are around the poorer we all are. When large companies control every link in the distribution chain we’re all potentially denied exposure to new and interesting content, whether we’re talking movies or books or anything else.
  • Cinematical got a cool little bit of solar trivia sent to them from directory Danny Boyle as part of the promotional push for his upcoming Sunshine.
  • BlogCritics finds a postcard book that’s part of the overall Simpsons campaign for their new movie fun but ultimately wanting in originality and execution. Expect a ton of this kind of stuff to hit stores in the next few weeks.
  • Dreamworks teased a select crowd of New York celebrities and journalists with about 30 minutes of footage from Jerry Seinfeld’s animated flick Bee Movie and it seems, based on the MTV Movie Blog’s reaction like the movie is going to play extremely well.
  • The MPAA and NATO (the dangerous one, not the military alliance) have teamed up to fight in-theater camcording with the best weapon they have at their disposal: Posters. One-sheets that remind people of the penalties associated with recording movies will appear in theater lobbies alongside regular movie posters.

LOTD: 6/21/07

  • Arianna Huffington and Jay Rosen are partnering on a new citizen journalism site called Off the Bus that focuses on the 2008 campaign cycle. The site aims to bring a new and fresh perspective to the campaign beat that just isn’t possible with mainstream reporters. (CT)
  • Media planning tool provider Telmar will be launching a new vertical search engine to help people find media industry research studies and other statistics. (CT)
  • If you were getting jittery without your hourly fix of Jessica Britney Alba Timberlake Diaz news it’s because Perez Hilton’s web host inoculated itself against an eventual lawsuit took down the site for a short while yesterday, citing the site’s continued usage of copyrighted photographs. (CT)