Super Hero Squad comes to the small screen

Marvel has announced it will not only create a comic book that debuts later this year but also a TV show for next year based on the Super Hero Squad line of toys.

These figures are a big hit in my house, with me wanting to collect them all as much as the boys. In fact we saw the Iron Man-centric “Hall of Armor” set while attending Free Comic Book Day at our local comics shop and it immediately went on everyone’s “can we please get this?” list.

Very cool news, I think.

Become a new media douchebag

Via Cathy Taylor comes this spoof of the Common Craft videos, this one dubbed “New Media Douchebags in Plain English.” While I know a lot of people who fit the description provided in this video, Rex Hammock – whose site is shown as a printout at one point – is most assuredly not one of them

We now resume your regular Movie Marketing Madness programming, already in progress.