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Just because I think you’re wrong doesn’t mean I’m a fan of inequality

Today, the horrors of religion are more often about ignorance and inequality, but they are still there.

via The Last Taboo – Jennifer Michael Hecht – POLITICO Magazine.

Oh please with this rhetoric. It’s part of the mindset that unless I decide to completely abandon my own beliefs – which someone else likely doesn’t fully understand – then I’m an ignorant bigot who wants people whose lifestyle I disagree with to have separate drinking fountains.

As a Bible-believing Christian I’m of the opinion that certain things are a sin. Pure and simple. And yes, God loves all sinners, of which I am chief. But part of my Bible-believing involves believing that sinners should repent and seek to change their behavior.

That doesn’t mean I want to ship all members of a certain group off to the camps. It just means that while I can accept you as a person and treat you with respect I may hold that certain religious institutions and rituals should continue to be closed off until you get around to that whole repentance thing.

Just because I’m not marching with you doesn’t mean I’m a fan of inequality anymore than the fact that you’re not defending my right to believe what I chose to believe makes me think you’re an intolerant jerk yourself.

Baptism as an active, present thing

It was not something I did. It happed to me and it has shaped reality for me ever since. My parents brought me up in the faith, teaching me the Word of God. The Lord Jesus has brought into my life so many people to show me His grace (my wife, Faith, being the most important) and to flesh out for me what it means that I am baptized. All of this is pure gift of God in Jesus! All of this comes from living each day in the God-given confidence, I am baptized.

via A Matter of Death and Life.

A prayerful life

The Issues, Etc podcast – a daily broadcast of Lutheran theology – has been killing it recently with ongoing series on both The Lord’s Prayer and The Apostle’s Creed. This is probably the second or third time in the couple years I’ve been listening to the show that these prayers have been discussed in-depth, either with an individual pastor or a “pastor’s roundtable” offering their insights but each time new layers are uncovered in how wonderful these prayers are and what they mean for the life of a Christian.