OTX partners with IPG

otx_logoIPG’s Emerging Media Lab has entered into a partnership with entertainment marketing research firm OTX. The deal will allow IPG to take the data on consumer behavior patterns gathered by OTX and create plans around it for its clients, putting the theoretical thinking it does in the Emerging Media Lab into practice. Part of that will result from IPG now having direct access to OTX’s many ongoing reports.

Going in the other direction, OTX will be able to tap into IPG’s access to new consumer technologies that it’s testing out. It will also be able to bring focus group participants into the Emerging Media Labs’ “digital kitchen” and other research facilities.

OTX does a lot of work around movie marketing efforts, gauging which ones are effectively reaching the target audience and providing data that allows marketers to adjust their media plans.

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One thought on “OTX partners with IPG”

  1. Worth noting that IPG has two theatrical accounts in its portfolio of media agencies… Lions Gate with Initiative and Sony Pictures with Universal McCann. This partnership may yield some helpful research for these two accounts.

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